Monday, 18 May 2015

My really old animal hat

Okay so I made this project years and years ago! In fact it's that long ago that my sister lived in her old house and I was working at the pub! Little knitwit was not in existence and I'm pretty sure that Mr knitwit was still just the cute barman who served me drinks on my nights off.

Anyway at the time the river island animal hats were the MUST HAVE super cool winter accessory (<--- my phone claims this is spelt right but my dyslexic eyes think it looks weird and wrong) anyway anyone who was anyone had one of these hats, and I was a person and I wanted one! 

Until I saw the price tag that is! From what I can remember they were not cheap at all! Which probably means they were ten pounds or more! 

So I made my own! 

The hat was pre brought by my mum, I think she got it for something stupid like 10p? (I have another two in the drawer), the nose was embroidered by me by hand, sat on my sisters sofa whilst house sitting, as were the Pom poms! (Funny story as I was finishing the second pom-pom her evil cat attacked me and I accidentally batted it across the room. In my defense it really scratched me and I didn't damage her, she's still alive now!)

I also went one better than river island and opted for Google eyes! Which were given to me when I was about six by a neighbour! 

Anyway even after all of these years it's still a firm favourite for poor weather! 

In fact this is me looking super grouchy after walking lol knitwit to nursery in the rain this morning, and I'm starting to think it's looking a lil tatty? So I might whip up another and do a quick tutorial for it? It's a super easy project and I think it would appeal to teenagers or people who are new to sewing! 

Much love




  1. I can remember when you made this :) xxx

    1. I remember your batty cat attacking me! X


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