Monday, 4 May 2015

If it's fabric and it's free , then I'm taking it....

I find it very hard to write blog posts when I have nothing to write about. There's been no huge change in my knitting or my patchwork, and I haven't made any clothes recently because I've been soooooo uninspired by my fabric! 

I have however been keeping up with my me made may challenge, although I do keep forgetting to take photographs so you'll have to take my word for it! 

And I got gifted some fabric yesterday so hopefully my sewing blues will go away! 

Well I say fabric, It's actually a brand new bottom sheet and quilt cover and a lovely purple silky fabric! And it's a double!!!! 

Now I just need to decide what to actually make? 

A silky jumpsuit? 

But I do love a good cardigan? 

A vintage style blouse? I don't have many tops? 

Or shall I just go the whole hog and make a maxi lilou? 

So far I'm undecided! 

I have decided what to do with our old curtains though! 

Pile of curtains ready for the wash, the backs are going onto little knitwits curtains, so hopefully the sun will stop waking him up at stupid o'clock. but thelovely  linen/wool/? Fabric side is hopefully going to be turned into some sort of linen and lace jacket? 

Although maybe with a collar? 

I saw one in a shop recently that was a mixture of lace and linen and leather and it looked amazing! Hopefully mine will look good too! 

Other than that I don't have much to report! 

Much love



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