Thursday, 7 May 2015

Me made may - first week!

Okay so it's day 7 of me made may, and I've already gone to pot! I've still been wearing me made but my idea of taking a photo everyday just did not happen! Turns out I can't even carve out a small block of time to take one measly picture! 

Not helped by the fact that lil knitwits decided to puke on two items of handmade clothing yesterday. Seriously kids who'd have them! 

But here's what I've worn: 

1- black cocoon cardigan
2- kimono cardigan
3- blue Megan dress
4- wool skirt suit
5- skinny clemence skirt
6- striped lilou (puked on) refashion jumper (puked on)
7- margot pj bottoms! 

So that's my first week done, hopefully I'll find the motivation to take pictures next week! 

In other news , my lovely grandad and nanny re potted my tomato plant because it was becoming root bound? Still no idea what that means but I'm hoping it will perk up! 

And I'm taking a plunge and starting to knit a new cardigan for myself! 

The wools sparkly, so can we just take a moment to bask in that glory! And I'm pairing it with a navy wool (the patterns striped) 

I can't decide whether it will look good or if I'll look like a small child but either way I'm excited for the challenge! 

Sparkle sparkle! 

On a completely unrelated note, my bunny rabbit bit me last night 

Don't be fooled by his adorable face, he's a lil vampire! 

Much love 



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