Tuesday, 26 May 2015

an odd sense of satisfaction.

I currently have a whole host of unfinished projects floating around my house, i have a vintage blouse cut and ready to go but am feeling meh about it, a knitted blanket that needs some sort of edging either knitted or crocheted but I'm debating if throwing myself back into crochet is really the way to go. I have a patchwork blanket, but I think this is going to be a long running project, and i have a decapitated bear, that I was given yesterday by Mr knitwits nan (but more on that tommorrow) .

And i also had my sweet peas that needed putting in the garden, which i was dreading. I tend to have a bad reputation with gardening, in fact mr knitwit takes great pleasure in reminding me of a time when i thought i could grow, pumpkins, courgettes, carrots, potatoes and squash all in a metre square plot of garden (in my defence i had just binge watched the goodlife and was on a felicity kendall high)! Naturally it did not work and since then ive kept my gardening habits on a slightly smaller scale.

and my sweet peas are included in this i brought the kit from home and bargains for under a pound and was pleasantly surprised when they actually grew! YES something i planted grew! And then came the unfortunate task of putting them into the garden! which required the quite hefty task of weeding and foofing the soil around and throwing rocks away (where do the rocks come from seriously?)

anyway heres how it looks now!

My lovely sweet peas tied to their canes in all their glory! (thanks again the nan for the canes!)

with my gardening gloves and makeshift trowel! turns out we dont have one but a wooden spoon works just aswell!

anyway im off to try and finish at least one more project today!

Much love




  1. Oh I wish I had a garden!!! Well done! I'm sure they will be stunning. I know exactly how you feel about having heaps of projects on the go but no inspiration to crack on with any of them! How do we manage to turn our hobbies into chores at times?! xxx

    1. I'm not sure but it worries me when I do! Having an outside garden is nice but I like my windowsill garden far better! X


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