Monday, 11 May 2015

Cast on , cast off.... It's like the karate kid but with less wax....

I've had great news
I can't tell you yet! 
Cryptic I know, but this news didean that I immediately dropped my previous knitting and started this bad boy! 

It's a diagonal rainbow blanket! I've been fascinated by this type of blanket since I saw lil knitwit snuggled up underneath one in neonatal. His was blue and I wish we'd offered the buy it , because it was the first blanket he used. 

I opted for rainbow colours because..... Well because rainbows are awesome and stuff? 

The patterns pretty simple, I cast on two stitches and then I've been adding one stitch onto the end of every row, when it's wife enough I'm going to decrease at the end of every row. Then I might try and crochet a pretty boarder, then again i might also try and grow wings and fly.

It's also my first time knitting of wooden needles (kindly given by my nanny, who couldn't get on with them!) im not sure if their bamboo but I do like them, they are quite light and I'm hoping that they might stop my arms from hurting when I knit? Although I am scared I might snap them! 

In other news I went to a wedding on Saturday and go to see one of my makes in action! 

Yet I made those! (The letters not the couple, that would be awkward) i had a lovely day made even better by the apparence of a photobooth and a sweetie cart ! 

And by the two bags of sweets I took home! 

And promptly ate

Much love



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