Thursday, 16 November 2017

7 Responses to "Will You Make This For Me?"

We've all been there. After telling someone with pride that we made our skirt/dress/jumper/quilt they immediately ask if we can make one for them? Sometimes they follow it up with an offer of payment [Although I'm not sure they ever really know how much these things cost to make!] And then you have to scramble for a response whilst trying to work out if you actually want to make this person an item..... Well here's some ways to say yes or no to their request.

1. No but here's the number of someone who can.

This is my most used response. Since pretty much everyone I know on Facebook knows I sew, I do tend to get quite a few requests to make things / alter things. I now have to name of a brilliant crafter who can make all kinds of awesome bunting who I recommend. And one for a seamstress who can do alterations, the terrifying thing is that most of these requests are for wedding gowns and I am just not comfortable altering something that potentially cost upwards of a £1000 in my living room....Ya know where my messy 5 year old hangs out.

2. Yes but I charge XXXXXX

This is actually a good idea if you want a spare bit of cash and you don't actually mind making the thing. Just be sure to factor in the cost of ALL of the materials and the cost of your time. 

3. Yes but you will do XXXXX for me

I've never used this one but I've heard of people exchanging a sewn item for having their car washed, or their ironing done or their gardening. 

4. No but I can show you how to make your own

I use this a lot too! Sadly I've only ever had one person take me up on the offer and that sort of died out anyway. I'm always happy to teach people who are willing to learn. 

5. No I don't alter other peoples clothes in case I wreck them

I'm a fairly competent sewer now but I still live in fear that one day someone will ask me to do something and what I deliver won't be what they had in mind. So in my eyes its just safer to avoid it!

6. It would be cheaper to buy one

Some people are still under the impression that making clothes is cheaper than buying them! Which just goes to show that people don't understand how expensive fabric is! So in the case of a simple jersey top its far cheaper to buy one but in the case of a wedding dress it may well be cheaper to sew one. [Depending on whether or not you actually want to sew a wedding dress]

7. No bugger off!

I'll admit being a bit of a pansy I don't use this one very often but I do like to reserve it for certain types of people IE. People from high school who picked on me for years but now think its okay to ask me to hem their jeans or people who personally offended me......Yes I hold grudges and I hold onto then hard! My general rule is that I have to REALLY love someone if I'm going to make them something.

Most importantly remember that people are asking YOU to do something for THEM with YOUR free time so you are perfectly within your rights to say Yes or No as you see fit! 

How do you respond?

Much Love 




  1. This post made me laugh! You are so right, people really have no clue how much time and cost is involved in sewing your own clothing. Once you pay for thread, fabric, fastenings, interfacing etc it will be cheaper to just buy it from the highstreet.

  2. Haha! Love this! I will have to keep these in mind next time someone asks me to make them a quilt... :) xx

  3. And then there are those who see a quilt you made and want to buy it. For $50. They have Wally World quilt prices in their heads! I'm not a factory in a foreign country who cranks out cheap quilts by the thousands. I don't sell my quilts, but I've given many away to special people in my life.

    1. I can't imagine offering someone £50 for a quilt! That's awful x

  4. Cute post, but I have a hard time saying NO to some extra cash!!


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