Thursday, 9 November 2017

Wool and the Gang Double Trouble Jumper, Take Two

Hands down the best part of winter is the jumper. Jumpers are my favourite item of clothing for winter. 

1. They go with everything, jeans? yes! A skirt? Yes! A dress? Yes! pyjamas??????? YES YES YES! 

2. Technically if it a loose enough fit you don't need to wear a bra and I am all about the no bra life right now! Although is it true that if you don't wear a bra your boobs sag quicker? Is that a thing or is it just some rumour created by the head of Ann Summers to keep us spending £30 on bras? 

3. Cosy. I mean I wouldn't go as far as the say I wear one and turn the heating off. But it certainly adds an extra level of snugness to those cold winter nights. Other snugness levels can be achieved by drinking hot chocolate and lighting candles.n

This is the Double trouble jumper by wool and the gang which is one of their free patterns [find it here] .

I've made it before and even though it was suppose to be a red jumper but ended up being orange, I still wear it all the dammed time! 

So I decided to make a another, that hopefully I'd wear a bit more.

But it took me ruddy ages! I must have had this wool since last year? First of all I had other projects to complete, then I finally cast on but it just took me so long to get through the pattern! I swear the last time I made it it took a week or so? This one must have taken a month and a half maybe? And I'd made some changes to speed things up!

First of all I knit a small the same as last time. I did this because I know it will eventually "grow" from being in the washer. Although I have already vowed to wash this one on the special knitwear cycle we appear to have and to try and avoid putting it in the tumble dryer. 

Changes wise, I opted to knit the tops of the sleeves in garter stitch. Mainly to save time but also to echo the garter stitch that's used on the edge of the flappy bits at the back [Omg just had a 10 minute laughing fit at the phrase "flappy bits" nice choice of words Frankie! ]

I also crocheted the collar instead of picking up stitches with knitting needles. I have a fierce hatred of picking up stitches because I can never do it evenly. Crochet is a lot quicker and easier and by some miraculous chance it made it so I could wear it as an off the shoulder jumper. Which I know kind of defeats the object of wearing a jumper because LOL now my shoulders are cold! But it does look fabulous!!!! 

Here's the flappy edge bits! I still love this feature. I just think its so nice and comfy to wear and it makes the jumper a bit "trendy"?

I like this version a lot better than the first one. Probably because I feel like the colour suits me a lot more? I used Hayfield Bonus chunky in sandstorm. Wool and the gang do recommend using their own brand of wool for making all of their patterns up in, but I've never seen a ball of their wool in real life which makes me a bit cautious about buying some. Although I have heard very good things about it from other knitters. 

In other news!

CHRISTMAS IS NEARLY COMING! I try and make a new decoration every year but this year I'm stumped! I'm wondering if another Christmas quilt would be overkill? 

I'm still plodding away with Eat Pray Love. Its a bit of a mixed bag really sometimes I'm finding myself bored and then every now and again the writer will say something so bang on that I feel like I need to keep reading! 

I need to decide what to do with my hair. Preferably before Christmas so I don't look like a tatty head on any pictures. So far I'm thinking of going shorter again but part of me wants to go Icy blonde [A La Debbie Harry] Or pink like.......ummmmm nurse joy from Pokemon? I'm terrible about my hair I hate having it the same style for too long! 

I've started a new knitting project! I'm currently making Mr Fortywinks from Jean Greenhowes knitted clowns book. So far I'm enjoying it, its a nice combination between easy and hard enough to keep my interest. I am annoyed though because the wool I'm using for the face is the only peach colour I had in my stash and its a lot stiffer than I thought it would be. I'd decided that it would be a stash busting project which is why I haven't brought any wool but now I'm worried it might throw off the gauge? Or give him a really heavy floppy head!!!! 

Much Love



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