Sunday, 12 November 2017

Paisley Print Dress - Simplicity K1418

Sometimes I find a fabric that I LOVE but I just have no idea how to use it. 

This fabric was one of those times. I love a good paisley print. In fact back when I was 14 I spent a good portion of my time wearing a men's paisley print shirt with a waistcoat and a pair of skinny jeans so it became all puffed up! Sort of like Adam Ant but with more black accessories! 

This paisley print threw me though, because 1. Its a very small print and 2. It kind of looks like old man pyjama fabric. 

I let it sit in my fabric cupboard for a while but then I bit the bullet and decided it might work for Simplicity K1418 which is a project runway pattern.

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I decided to do the strappy view but I knew I wouldn't have enough fabric for the box pleat skirt so I went for a gathered one instead. I did bias bind the seam that joins the gathered skirt to the bodice though just to make it look neat and I'm definitely going to do that again as it gives an added level of security as well as keeping things tidy.

I've already made this pattern twice before here and here. So I knew I needed to take 3cm off the length of the bodice so it would sit on my natural waist. Now the waist sits a lot more naturally however I am going to have to take a bit off the back seam of the pattern and I've got some gaping in the front of the bodice above my boobs so I'm going to try and remove a wedge so it sits flatter to the chest. 

Its a looser fit than my nautical version but its a more casual dress so I'm not sure that's a problem. 

Although if it does start to bother me I'll just adjust the back seam. The zip is recycled from either an old coat or an old hoody. Lucky I love the look of a metal zip and they are so hard wearing you can recycle them quite a few times. 

The bodice has facings which I don't love I wish I had gone to the extra effort and just done a full lining. I also wish I had put the straps where I wanted them rather than following the pattern instructions as they don't sit quite right.

The fabric itself is a lovely cotton that I was given by the lady at the car-boot. There was only a metre and a half so I had to play some serious pattern tetris. Luckily it isn't a directional print so I got away with it. 

All in all I love it I just need to keep tweaking the fit until I've got it perfect, by which point I'll have decided I'm bored with it and move on to another pattern. 

I think my favourite part of the dress is how versatile it is. Its great for summer but it doesn't look out of place with thick tights and a big cardigan. 

In other news!! 

We are plugging away with Christmas shopping. Ideally I want it all done before December because I CANNOT cope with Christmas shoppers!!! 

I went to a life celebration yesterday which is sort of like a funeral. It was for a lovely, funny man who I'd known for a few years. It sounds weird but it was the nicest "funeral" I've ever been too. There was a lot of singing and people talking about his life and his achievements and reading his poetry. There were even a few jokes cracked! It was really really nice to see it as a celebration and to hear people talk about how much they loved him. 

I've finished some more books! I FINALLY finished "eat love pray"! Which I can safely say I don't think I will ever read again!!! Then I read "the couple next door" which I would highly recommend for anyone who enjoyed "girl on the train" or "gone girl". Then I read "me before you" I'd watched the film on the way to Las Vegas [well most of it I couldn't make it too the end because I don't want to ugly cry on the plane], The films okay but the book is much better and I really enjoyed it!

And now I'm starting "the fault in our stars" which I've read before. I am annoyed though, I brought the book from a charity shop ages ago and the bloody idiot who owned it before has only gone and written in every available free space!!!  And I mean every space! The front pages, the back pages, the margins, the gaps above the chapters!!! Its infuriating! and do you want to know whats shes written? 



Nothing else just her name!
I mean seriously? Because what? You might forget it?

Much Love




  1. I'm so impressed that you got this lovely dress out of a metre and a half!
    I love to buy books from the charity shop too, in fact I have a copy of eat pray love in a pile waiting for me to find time to open it, but luckily I've never seen one where someone has written their name all over it! Very Half Blood Prince .... only more so!

    1. At least the half blood Prince write something useful not just their bloody name over and over x

  2. Well done for the Simplicity challenge xx

  3. I'm sorry I had to laugh reading your comments about the previous owner of the book. How strange. Paisley pyjamas, I am sure my Dad had a few pairs when we were younger, or maybe both my brothers had a pair. Good skills with the pattern, fabric arrangement, I would have ended up with only one strap or something knowing me. ;)


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