Saturday, 8 July 2017

£1 Make Your Own Dream Catcher from The Works - Review

Whenever I see cheap craft kits I'm immediately sceptical. I mean how on earth do you make a craft kit for £1? I get that companies buy the bits in bulk to save money but that is some serious bulk!

Anyways this craft kit was from "the works" which is pretty much one of the best shops in the world! Not only do they sell books, but they have stationary, art supplies, craft stuff and countless other things I didn't know I needed until I walked in!

So £1 for a dream catcher seemed like a bargain.

Everything came contained within the kit, the hoop is made of metal so its pretty solid and there were a good amount of feathers in fact I didn't use them all! The only thing in the kit I didn't like was the bull head pendant that was meant to go on the middle strand. The bull just looked a bit mean so I swapped it for a mother of pearl effect pendant from my stash!

Here's the finished product, the only real issue I had was that there wasn't enough suede ribbon to completely cover the metal hoop without having gaps so I had to underline mine with some gold ribbon from my stash.

Th feathers were pretty fiddly to attach but I think if you dipped the ends in pva glue they would be easier to work with. Even the weaving was pretty easy, there are not a lot of instructions but I think its enough for a 10 year old and up to get on with. The weaving was actually very therapeutic but I was a bit gutted that my bead placement wasn't great!   

So yeah one finished dream catcher all for the princely sum of £1! I'd definitely recommend these as a summer holiday craft project if you have bored teenagers/tweenagers in the house! [anything to stop them whinging eh?] 

In other news:

Lil man got star of the week at football! #proudmummy

And I had a cracking record score in our local charity shop! Number one they actually had some decent records in like "Fleetwood Mac!" Instead of just the 300 copies of the sound of music and kamal! But as I was giving them a clean when I got them home a 45 fell out of one of the album sleeves! Well initially I was furious because OMG IT MIGHT HAVE SCRATCHED THE EAGLES AND HOW WILL I LISTEN TO TEQUILA SUNRISE! [my dad always taught me that you store records separately in their appropriate sleeves and that you put them away properly after each use!] Anyways I put it on the side to give it a quick clean , cleans the b side without really paying attention flipped it over and well lo and behold its only a copy of the bohemian rhapsody single by queen! I did a complete double take and ran squealing to my record player to see how it played.

Beautifully. it plays beautifully. Like its spent its whole life in some sort of record spa! 

Much Love 




  1. Great dream catcher, love a new little craft to try out. Total record bonus too x

    1. definitely give this one ago the weaving part is very therapeutic! x

  2. I would buy it too if I see that somewhere :D
    For me that bead placement is creative, no need to have it consistent! I swear I just spent a minute trying to find some kind of pattern or motif (I found it. It's a dancing raccoon)

    1. Well if there's a dancing raccoon consider me sold!!!!!!!


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