Saturday, 1 July 2017

8 crafting things I need in my life right now!

Okay so its that time again where I write a list of awesome sewing/knitting stuff and you leave your laptop out so your husband/wife/partner/family member can by you stuff! Or you could just buy it for yourselves and cut out the middle man!

Okay so £26 is pretty steep for pattern weights BUT they are shaped like donuts! And well yeah that's all I got I love donuts!!!!! You get 12 in this set but she does smaller sets as well and everything is made by hand. And DONUTS people DONUTS!

I have a 10 year old rucksack that is covered in patches and I mean covered! Its my favourite fits everything travels everywhere bag and I NEED this patch for it!!!! 

Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE receiving post? Well can you imagine anything better than receiving a box full of sewing stuff every month? No? Me neither [unless Tom Hardy starts delivering them wearing nothing but a smile!] This box arrives every month with a selection of sewing goody's including a stack of fat quarters and a length of fabric! I drool every time I see these on Instagram and Its top of my wish list! 

Its a handbag shaped like a sewing shop!!!!!! I've seen a few of these on instagram and I think they do two bigger sizes but I can't find them on the website *sobs*. For me this version is a bit small but that's because I like to carry a lot of rubbish around!  

I love pin badges, I was one of those kids whose blazer was covered with pins at school, like actually covered! [I'm pretty sure nothing gives teachers more joy than asking a teenager to remove 50+ pins from their blazer because it doesn't fit the schools dress code!] This one from colette has a seam ripper on it and makes sewing seem kinda badass!!!

Okay so its 80 quid which is pretty steep for something you have to knit yourself! But just think after its finished a blanket that chunky has got to reduce your heating bill by half at least! I mean really if your don't get this and make it your killing the environment..... The environment needs you to snuggle up under this blanket and eat biscuits.......Save the world , knit this blanket! [Its also comes in like a zillion colours!]

I love a bit of blue! And this bag stating my love for big balls is just perfect! In fact I actually had a conversation with a lady at the CHSI stitches show about how much more big balls are compared to little balls! We were talking about wool of course!

Lets just take a moment to appreciate how awesome this bracelet is! I mean come on its a ruler you wear on your wrist and it actually looks nice! The measurements are accurate so you can actually use it and it come in a cute storage tin! *swoons!*

And yeah that's just a selection of things that have caught my eye recently! [btw I'm not affiliated with any of these people it is just stuff I like]

Much Love 




  1. "A bag shaped like a sewing shop" who on earth had THAT brilliant idea. That's my Christmas list started already!

    1. I know yeah!!! Apparently they will have the bigger versions in soon too!!!

  2. Ooooohh swoon!! Love so many (ok all) of them 😍 X


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