Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Days by the Sea Quilt!

So this is pretty exciting guys but I have a tutorial on the Hobbycraft website! 

Basically the Craft cotton company got in touch with me saying they had a new line of fabrics out and would I like to make a quilt and well nobody has to ask me to make a quilt twice!!! So I drew up some ideas and in time honoured tradition they picked the most difficult one!!! 

The quilt is made up of five simple blocks and uses a 1.5cm seam allowance mainly because it a great introductory quilt for people who have previously done dressmaking and secondly because I find larger seams are easier to work with! 

The fabric itself is from the "days by the sea" collection by the craft cotton company and is full of gorgeous sea side nostalgia!

Anyways this is probably one of my proudest makes ever! So please go and take a look and make one for yourself!!! Its the perfect size for kids to snuggle up under although I've been doing a fair amount of napping under it myself!

Much Love




  1. That is a lovely quilt Frankie. The tutorial is easy to follow and perfect for beginners. Did you do all the photography? It is nice and clear.

    1. I did the images of it being made, it was sent off to be photographed nicely! X

  2. Well done Frankie, super proud big sister :) xxx


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