Saturday, 15 July 2017


Okay so this is a new lil blog thing that I'm launching.

Basically my Grandma Etta is where I got my love for sewing and a good portion of my fabric stash. She was a very talented quilter who did a lot of English Paper Piecing and recently I found a big bag of her cardboard templates. 

And well it made me a bit emotional to be honest, because I was holding my grandmas templates that she had held and made from old cards we sent her. Also in the bag were her notes and some small pieces of fabric. And the whole time I was sorting them into their piles and working out with quilt pattern they belonged to I couldn't help thinking that it would be so nice to use them to make some quilts. But their was so many! And I knew I would never make that many quilts.

And this happened..... 

So here's the plan! I'm going to use my grandmas templates to make 1 sample block of each pattern she had in the bag! I will be sewing all of them by hand either my Applique [which quite frankly terrifies me!] or by English Paper Piecing! And I'll only be using my fabric scraps! 

But here's the fun part! I was wondering if you guys wanted to join in? Ya know keep me company when I'm drowning in pieces of cardboard and I'm cursing the fact that I hate sewing with a thimble because my hands are sore! 
 and if keeping me company hasn't convinced you here's some other reasons you should join in!

 - Hand sewing is relaxing!
- You can use up all of those pesky scraps!
-you can make a family heirloom 
-Or you can gift it to a family member or friend if quilts aren't your jam! 

Now it's gonna be pretty informal because I'm an informal girl! I'm going to post my latest block every two ish weeks until I've run out of templates and them I'm somehow going to throw them all together! [All my blocks are different sizes because of the templates but you can do yours a uniform size if you want!] And if you don't like a block or your busy then skip it! But if you do decide to join in you can tweet me @knitwitsowls or instagram me knitwitsowls and you can use the hashtag #ettaquiltproject. 

Its kind of a go at your own pace sort of sew along? But if you do want to sew with me then I'll be posting the blocks on instagram and you can always follow me on bloglovin so you don't miss a post! And I'll try and post a link/picture to a template you can use at the ends of the blog post, that you can print off to whatever size you want!

Which brings me to the best bit! 

Block #1 - Nine patch

I started with the most simple first! [mine measures roughly 9 inches] 


Template can be found here 

So will you be joining in? 

Much Love



P.s if your unsure of how to English paper piece theirs some great tutorials online or you can watch my video! 


  1. I might have to cave & finally have a go at epp'ing 😊 Love the #ettaquiltproject 😘

  2. I do love hand sewing but I have never liked EPP I'm afraid. I prefer to make my quilts on a machine but I am about to make an improv quilt to use up some of my scraps. I will be watching your blocks with interest and I am sure you will enjoy copying your grandma's patterns.

    1. Hey we play fast and loose here! If you wanna machine stitch them go for it!!! x

  3. I just read in another blog that there is a new EPP book which is in a blog tour. You might like to look at some of the blogs as they will be sure to have a few hints and ideas you might like. Hope this link will take you there. The book is called Quilting in the Go, English Paper Piecing and I found it on Clover and Violet's blog.

  4. Lovely idea! I will be following you! (Maybe I will make some blocks - I am just about to start a quilting class so will probably be a bit busy!).

    1. I'd love the have you along!!! Enjoy your quilting class x



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