Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Vertical Stripe Jumper

When I started this blog I swore that I would try and document all of my sewing projects the good the bad and the ugly. However I'm not sure if this falls into the bad or ugly category? The sewing isn't bad so I'm going to say its the ugly.

I look like a 70's referee. The vertical stripes did not work at all. There wasn't really a thought process behind this, more of a look I have some weird shaped fabric off cuts lets see what I can make from them. I didn't even have enough for the bands! So I used some turquoise jersey from sew essential. The stripe itself is from abakhans, I found it in one of the bargain bins! 

I used the threadcount wardrobe builder cardigan pattern but cut the front on the fold. I can't even remember what the pattern number is and I refuse to stand up and walk across the room to look. This project does not deserve a walk across the room. [I just looked in my notebook and apparently its threadcount 1607] 

Construction wise the main stuff was done on my over locker and the top stitching was done on my regular machine. It took no time at all to sew, but still turned out hideous!!! 

All in all its a pretty god awful jumper isn't it? That said I'll probably still wear it when its winter and I;m freezing my bum off on the walk to school. Plus I had no wasted fabrics so that's a bonus? Although now I'm wondering if I should just start binning my weird off cuts? or donating them to my sons school! 

So yeah that's today's make,

In other news I'm planning my next quilt. We don't need another quilt but I seem to have amassed quite the collection of fabric scraps so I guess its going to happen!!!!

Much Love




  1. I must admit it's not your usual super style, the referee comment made me chuckle, maybe you should wear it to your sons footie, if you don't agree you can step on the pitch and intervene 😂


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