Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Granny Square Chic

You ever get a thought into your head and just can;t let it go? Well today I was thinking about crochet granny squares and how easy it would be to make an item of clothing out of them? You see I find crochet more relaxing than knitting probably because of the monotony.  

Anyway a quick browse on pinterest showed me that whilst you can make a garment out of granny squares sometimes you just shouldn't [70's crochet trends I;m looking at you!]....and then much to my surprise some cute things started turning up! [I do apologise to the lack of links to the original images, Pinterest is such a messed up rabbit hole now days, half the things that come up on a search aren't related to what you searched for and half the things that are don't link back to the original content!] 

Like this isn't hideous, in fact with longer sleeves and a pair of jeans it might actually be cute!! I think this is by anthropologie but I can;t find it on their website!

This I like less but its actually moschino! Its an actual designer brand! In fact a quick google informed me that their 2017 resort collection contained lots of crochet!

The above is also moschino, not exactly my cup of tea but I'm sure there is a very rich woman somewhere who loves it! 

This is a skirt but I think its kind cute, closer inspection showed me it might be a dress but that the skirt is box pleated! [this may be a picture of marina and the diamonds!]

These were my favourite two images!

This image actually linked back to a pair of $200 sunglasses...... But from what I can tell this jumper is made up of 5 round crochet squares with a boxy cropped shape and short sleeves.

And this one which is made of one large granny square and then sleeves are added on!

I think I like the first idea better? which kind of leaves me in the place where I'm trying to work out how to make one!


Much Love 




  1. Ooooohh this is interesting, love the idea and hope you give it a try x

    1. I'm definitely going to give it a go! Feel like I should finished some other projects first though! X

  2. I have made one but I made the motif on the front in colours and the sleeves and back in plain. It was a good compromise from catwalk to real world!


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