Friday, 24 February 2017

Simple Wool Skirt

This skirt was a bit soul destroying to make to be honest. I had originally brought the fabric with the intention of making the wrap skirt that I've put on my #makenine board. But Lo and behold I didn't have enough fabric so I had to do for a more simple skirt.

Okay so here's the deal I went to Abakhans the same day that I went to pick up my copy of sew style magazine [because I'm in it!]. Anyway I had already decided to get myself some fabric as a well done to myself but had set myself the princely sum of £5. Yeah I know right this girl really knows how to spoil herself! So I was torn between this wool mix which I;d be able to get one metre of and a cream snake skin shiny thing that was on sale that I could have had two metres of. Long story short I chose this because it looked more practical and then I didn't have enough fabric. FYI the fabric cost me £4.99 for a metre.

Anyway In stead of making a wrap skirt I used the same pattern and just made a simple pencil skirt but with the added extra of having a funky full zip in the back. I decided this would be a sort of wearable toile. And BOY am I glad I did!

1. The skirt comes in three lengths, really long, long and flash your froo froo. Luckily I had already spotted that it was looking a bit on the wee side so I added 4 inches to the length of the mini length.

2.I cut a size fourteen because that corresponded with my measurements, actually I corresponded at a 16 but I knew that Prima patterns do tend to have quite a bit of ease built in, Anyway the dammed thing was huge! [yet another flash your froo froo moment] So I took 1 inch of each of the side seams and half an inch out of the centre back. 

The zip looks way off centre on this picture but I promise its just how I stood. A photographer told me everything is more flattering if you rest all of your weight on one leg but it does make zips look wonky.

That said the skirt went together really quickly the thing that took longest was all of the hand finishing I decided to do. Because of how thick the fabric is I was able to hand stitch down all of my facings and hem it by hand. The hem is practically invisible.

Okay so good points:

I like the style its a classy skirt

I love the long zip at the back because it stops it being too boring. [The zip is recycled from an old hoody by the way.

I love the hand stitching on the inside.

Bad points:

on one side the pattern matching sucks. I'm blaming this on not having quite enough fabric.

I think it makes me look a bit wide at the bottom? I think maybe I need a waistband to help emphasis my waist.

Its a really thick skirt. Which is great in winter but means I won't get a lot of wear out of it in summer. So I dunno if that's a bad thing or not. I mean its a bad thing now because summer is coming [No seriously I had to close the curtains because the sun was making a glare on my laptop screen] But I think when winter rears its ugly head again I'll be glad that I've got a thick skirt to pull out of my wardrobe.

So yeah all in all I like it, I'm still miffed that I didn't get to make my wrap skirt but some fabric arrived this morning that will be perfect for it!

In other news:

I'm pretty much recovered from the CHSI stitches show and have started to write up some of the samples I received.

I tried to make a shirt dress last night and the instructions for the bodice just SUCKED. Anyway I;ve worked out what I need to do now so hopefully that'll be coming soon.

I also had knitting woes last night. The k1 p1 wasn't creating a rib it was just making moss stitch so I had to rip it back and go off the pattern and cast on an even number of stitches instead of the 25 they suggested.

Needless to say I gave up on being creative last night and just had a long bath!

Sometimes its just easier to walk away!


  1. Your skirt looks fab, really love the fit of it, super classy shape and the length is spot on, I want to recreate a skirt that has a front centre split but the flashing froo froo (love that!!) bit is a concern.

    1. I'd make it anyway and just wear a slip! X

  2. Super skirt, amazed you got it out of 1m of fabric!

    1. Thankyou, it was a pretty tight squeeze!!! X


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