Sunday, 19 February 2017

Magazine: Sew Style Essentials Pattern Hacking

Yay I'm in this issue of sew style essentials magazine!

It's another pattern hacking feature and is produced by the same people from sew magazine.

My pattern was kwik sew 4111 which i decided to hack by making the neckline more draped [I used the slashing and spreading method] and by adding more pleats to the skirt and lengthening it.

Basically I used a day dress pattern to make an evening gown.

The fabric was from abkhans and whilst I don't normally "do" green I love this shade its sooo lush!

I also added some embellishment in the way of beads on the shoulders and on the belt.

You can buy it from whsmiths [LOL it was on the shelf next to the last one I was in and I had a moment of pride and told the little old man who was looking at fishing magazines!] or you can find it here! It comes with three paper patterns and templates for loads more projects!

So yeah I'm feeling pretty chuffed to bits with myself! I even went out and brought myself a length of fabric as a well done from me to me and Rikki got me a bottle of champers! 

In other news! Half term is upon us! Which is lovely because it means me and lil man can spend some quality time without having to do words or reading or other boring things!

Lil Man received a Valentines card! I know right it was hands down the most adorable thing in the world! And he also went to his first school disco! We had to wait outside and OMG the child where bouncing off the walls! I've been to clubs that were more low key and chilled out! 

I've started knitting a jumper and so far its coming together nicely I just have to hope I don't run out of wool! Im knitting it p in chunky so its coming together really quickly!

Much Love 




  1. Amazing!! Congratulations!!! You look fab in the mag and such an awesome hack, the dress is stunning, you need to go to a swish do now so you can strut your stuff in it x

    1. We do have a cousins wedding coming up but I think it might be a bit dressy!! X

  2. Congratulations Frankie - it must be such a thrill to be featured in the magazine!! You are such a breath of fresh air and I enjoy reading your sewing escapades.

    1. Awww thankyou I'm glad your enjoying reading!!! X


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