Sunday, 12 February 2017

90s style Tie Dye Dress

This dress felt like flogging a dead horse at times. I originally brought the fabric to make another simple sew kimono dress, but then I laid out the pattern pieces and tried to see it in my minds eye and it just didn't look right. So then I sketched myself a little deign for a halter neck dress with plaited straps and a bare back. I even draped it all on my mannequin and it did look really nice, and then I tried it on me and I remembered that unlike a mannequin my boobs do actually move, and the chances of me ever wearing something without a bra are slim, especially if the fabric is as unstructured as this. 

Luckily the skirt was salvaged and I had enough fabric left to create this slightly more simple dress. The top is from the third GBSB book and is a shortened version of the Cami top [I think I took about 4 inches off the bottom] and then the skirt is just a gathered rectangle.

It has no fastenings due to the loose fit of the bodice which made this is really quick make. In fact I re used some old bra straps for the top so I didn't even have the make straps. In fact I didn't even properly hem the edge I just overlocked the raw edges and left it. I think it adds a cool grungy vibe to it!

I did wonder if it was a bit short but I think its okay with black tights and I've been wearing it with a full slip on underneath anyway! I've also been wearing it belted, I do prefer how it looks with a nipped in waist but its nice to have the slightly looser option as well.

I think it looks pretty 90's personally which is why I've also been wearing it with a tshirt underneath. I think I remember my sister doing this with some of her strappy dress during the 90's and I think it looks pretty cute. And you know extra layers to keep me warm and stuff!

The fabric came from abakhans and is some form of drapey poly thing from one of the remnant bins. It cost £7.33 which seems pretty pricey for a dress but I would have had some left over for a cami top if I hadn't had to cut out the bodice twice. 

All in all I love it, I think it would be really cute for a night out with nude tights and thigh high boots [I have worn the absolute bejeezus out of my thigh high boots this winter. I literally had no idea how warm they would keep my legs and how much sass they would add to an outfit! FYI mine were £20 and came from shoe zone!]

So yeah now I just need an excuse for a night out on the tiles!!!

In other news I made this dress and then it started snowing a bit so I'm guessing that summer isn't quite ready for me yet.

I FINISHED my crochet blanket! a blog post will be coming soon.

Lil man started with a cough last week but seems to have beaten it off! Touch wood [touches all the wood]

I'm halfway through the first game of thrones book, I'm enjoying it but OMG ALL OF THOSE NAMES! 

I went to Lil mans school worship on Friday........ They do an open worship where parents can attend and I've been putting it off because I'm less religious and more of a spiritualist and the school is very religious But Lil man kept asking me to go sooooooooo. That said It was virtually painless and Lil mans smile as he spotted me sat there was worth it! I did however knock over an entire pile of chairs when it was finished and it was time to tidy up, needless to say I didn't stay for coffee.

Much Love 



  1. Great dress, warmer weather would so lovely (dreaming of a lovely toasty day, no coat and no shivering!) shame your first dress didn't work out but this one looks fab on you. 90's is so trendy and you can totally pull it off. I would have been the same with worship, it's not my thang either so well done for going, that means you should get out of the next couple :) x

    1. I love the 90's style! The first dress just wouldn't have worked with my shape and I'm not sure my boobs would have stayed in!
      Glad I'm not the only one whos not into the whole worship thing! Im not going to the next one but I might go to the one after that! x

  2. I love the dress, I remember very well the 90's style and this dress really does take you back at those days. .. love it!
    Have a nice day!

    Luisa xoxo


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