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10 things to ask for/buy yourself for valentines day!

I LOVE valentines day! I know its gimmicky and its just a money making scheme but how can you not enjoy a day based on telling people how much you love them chocolates and flowers!!! 

Anyway I'm doing this list thinking you can maybe leave your laptop open and your other half might read it and you might just get a really cracking valentines present! [naturally is slightly less subtle approach might be to print it off, highlight the one you want and staple it to their head] 

And if your single why not get yourself an "I love me" present! Its perfectly okay to love yourself as well!

1. The Pink Suit - Nicole Mary Kelby - £7.99

My sister and her husband brought me this for xmas last year and its a really lovely read, with some great dressmaking details thrown in!

Knicker Making Kit

This kit contains everything you need to make your own pants and I've heard wonderful things about it! Plus you never know making your own pants might make you feel a bit amorous? And even if it doesn't imagine being able to match your pants to your dresses!!!

3. Vogue Colouring Book - £9.49

Lets all just take a moment to appreciate how relaxing it is to just sit down and colour! [naturally its not relaxing if your doing it with a child "JUST KEEP IN THE LINES FOR GODS SAKE!!!!" Anyway this one features outlines from some of vogues best loved photo shoots and Twiggy guys! I love Twiggy!

4. Colette Sewing Planner - Sew Essential - £25.00

Image result for colette sewing planner

I saw this on instagram today and was immediately like "AHEM Rikki! Isn't this AMAZING! wouldn't it make a nice PRESENT for someone who loves SEWING!" .........Apparently I already have too many notebooks.... So if theres any secret admirers out there WINK WINK!

5. Ruffler Foot - £4.70

AIHOMETM Universal Ruffler Sewing Machine Presser Foot for All Singer Brother Babylock Viking New Home Simplicity Necchi Elna Models (Type A)

Okay so it seems like the worlds most boring gift but can you actually imagine how fast it would be to gather skirts!!! I mean OMGOSH! This has actually been on my want list for a while especially after I saw one in action!

6. Sewing Reel Lipgloss - £2.95

Sewing Reel Scented Lip Gloss - Mad Beauty Colour (YELLOW - LEMON)

There is nothing worse then having to kiss dry lips! Enter the novelty shaped lipgloss! I mean its a sewing reel and its a lipgloss! Its basically the cutest thing I've ever seen in my entire life and I need it right now!

7. Sew Over It Ultimate Shift Dress Kit - £35.00


I should probably admit that Lisa Comfort is my sewing girl crush! She has such fabulous style and fater seeing so many of her awesome versions of the ultimate shift dress I'm on a mission to make it mine! This kit includes everything you need to make your own beautiful version!

8. Prym Magnetic Pin Cushion - £4.20

Another slightly boring one but I actually couldn't live without mine. You know what they say one you go for a magnetic pin cushion you ain't never going back! You literally throw the pins at it and the magnets draw them in. Secret time: I feel like such a sewing superhero when Im throwing pins at my dish and they just stick!!!

9. Tilly and the Buttons Cleo Dress Kit - £39.00

Image result for tilly and the buttons cleo kit

The Cleo dungaree dress has taken the sewing community by storm and this kit contains everything you need to make it including thread. Now I believe the Vanilla needle cord is the only type left as the other are sold out so you could wait for a restock however i quite taken by the vanilla as I think it will be lovely for summer!

10. 49 piece crochet kit - £11.99

I have been well and truly bitten by the crochet bug and this kit looks amazing!!! As far as I can tell it includes everything you need to get yourself started!!!

And if any of these don't take your fancy you could always just ask to be take fabric shopping!

And because I know not everyone has bags of money to spend here's some cheap/free ideas!

- Run a bath
- Offer to cook tea
- Voucher for sewing time / peace and quiet
- Take a picnic to the park
- Movie night and snuggles
- Go for a walk and feed the ducks
- Go relive your first date

Much Love



Disclaimer - this post does contain some affliate links, because LOL a girls got to buy fabric!!!

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