Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Finished Crochet Blanket

Its finished!!! It was a labour of love but I finally managed to complete it and boy am I feeling pleased with myself! 

So here's the general gist :

1 x 20 row granny square
2 x 15 row squares
5 x 10 row granny squares
23 x two colour five row granny squares
2x multi coloured granny squares

I started it just after Christmas and I finished it on the first Sunday in February whilst lil man was feeling poorly. In fact he helped out by passing me various squares to be stitched together! Naturally now he's been telling everyone he made it........

I wish I had blocked the squares because its hanging funny on the washing line, but I guess you live you learn! Size wise Its a bit bigger than I thought it would be but its not huge! I'd say its lap quilt size. Lets put it this way it covers little man very nicely and it covers me if I;m curled up on the sofa after walking to school!

The initial colour pull came from my stash I chose greens, blues, greys, whites, blacks and purples. Towards the end I was starting to run  out though so the final influx of wool came from my lovely pen friend Jeanette [who also sent crochet hooks because she is a BABE! ] And Rikkis Nan who is now trying to learn crochet for herself!  Luckily granny squares only take a small amount of wool so she was able to clear out all of her odds and sods of wool!

I went for a patchwork style of blanket and worked according to a plan I had drawn up. I like the hippy vibe it has and I'm really glad I decided to mix things up because I think I would have been bored if I had just made granny squares of the same size. 

After all the squares were stitched together I decided to add two rows of crochet as a border, This was SOUL DESTROYING! the sides were huge and I felt like I was crocheting for hours! That said I think it really ties the whole thing together!

I am so chuffed with this project, after struggling for so long it felt lovely for the skill to finally click. And it was also nice to see how my granny squares improved over time and got neater. 

Now I just need to work out what my next crochet project is going to be!!!

Much Love




  1. Your quilt is amazing!!! You've done an awesome job, the colours work so well and the design is great. You're one clever Mrs! x

    1. Thankyou! I've got to say I think I might be a little bit on love with crochet now! x

  2. Well done Frankie. A border makes a blanket and you HAVE to do it. The better you get, the more you will want the border to be perfect to frame the rest of your hard work. Frankie are you still going to CHSI on Monday? Send me an email to joveryday if you are. Jo x

    1. I have emailed you! I'm definitely going booked my train ticket and everything! x

  3. Super blanket !! i have noticed a lot of people photograph their blankets and quilts by laying them on the floor and photographing from above. I know that means you need a bit of clear floor which is not always easy! I just thought I would suggest it as a knitted blanket is quite heavy on the linen line!!

    1. I did think that but we don;t have any floor space anywhere! *cries* Next time I might try it on the bed! but then I'd have to tidy our room! x

  4. Very nice blanket, I love crocheting blankets it's the ideal project to just sit down and crochet without to much complication.

    Luisa xoxo


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