Monday, 27 March 2017

V8974 - Toile

Eurgh , just ERUGH! 

Okay so here's my issue, I love this pattern. Its a vintage vogue reproduction of a pattern from the 1949 design and I won it for free! And its beautiful!

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I mean look at it! All that vintage sass, those interesting darts, a cross over back! What is not to love! But I do have a major issue with this pattern and lots more patterns in fact!

Don't ask me to measure myself and then have it NOT fit me at all!
I am getting sick and tired of measuring myself [which I do accurately! And ever few months I have my mum re measure me to check I'm being accurate] Look and see where my size corresponds, cut that size and then have it turn out HUGE! I'm having to faff around with measuring pattern pieces now and making toiles and its making a very grumpy Frankie! Anyway rant over!

Okay so down to the make, I cut a size 14 because LOL those were my actual measurements. I sewed it up and tried it on to get the perfect length on the straps and then I pinned the back and oh hello! My boobs are going to fall out! So I took in an inch either side of the centre back because, you can't take anything out of the side seams or it throws the sloped back out of proportion! [I also had to take some out of the waist as well because that was big! 

After I took some out of the back it fits better but I'm definitely cutting a size 12 next time! [FYI I just made one in a size 12 and I'm still having issues but that might be the fabric!]

But I guess this is why we toile! My fabric is from abakhans BTW its a really cheap and cheerful poly-cotton. And the instructions for the pattern are actually really clear! The only thing I did differently was to add a centre back zip instead of a side zip. I hate side zips, Side zips are evil!

Here's a nice picture of me demonstrating the boob gape! You can fit two hands down there....[Which may or may not be your thing!!!]

Okay so here's a list of alterations I made to the pattern:
 - Put in a centre back zip instead of a side one
- took a good 2 inches out of the centre back.
-took about 15 cm off the length of the skirt. [personal preference, longer skirts do not suit my stumpy legs]

things I liked about the pattern:
- Clear instructions
- each bodice size is printed separately [not nested] so it makes it really easy to toile different sizes.
-The way the bodice is constructed

Thing to change next time:
- Try a smaller size in bodice.
- Make the skirt fuller, I'm not keen on the aline style of the skirt. I think it might look fuller in the pattern illustration? 
- Omit centre front seam on skirt unless I'm using a striped fabric. [Because then you get a cool chevron effect!]

But I still love to pattern and I'm really looking forward to challenging myself with trying to get it to fit! This is the first time I;ve ever had any really major issues with trying a new pattern! I've even got plans to have my Nan [from my mums side] take a look at it when shes next down. Shes pretty good with a sewing machine so I;m hoping that if me her and my mum look we will be able to iron out any issues!

And if all else fails my Mum lives across the road from an ex seamstress so I can ask her!

In other news!

I hope you all had a wonderful mothers day and were spoiled rotten! I spent the morning at my mums. Then met Rikki's mum for lunch and we both took lil man to the park. Then I came home saw Rikki off to work put lil man to bad and got sewing!!! 

So all in all a wonderful day! 

Today however I feel a bit grotty, I'm pretty sure my lovely son has given me his cold germs.  

Much Love

and if you have made this pattern and have any tips please let me know!!!




  1. Great job matching up the stripes in front and back! Good luck.. I guess that's why I don't wear dresses!!

    1. Thankyou the pattern matching is the thing I'm most pleased with on this make! x

  2. This is such a fab pattern, I love the red and white stripes! It's a shame there's so much gaping especially if it's hard to remove a wedge out the side but it's worth persevering as will a a great summery dress (when it arrives☀️) sounds like a lovely Mother's Day, mine was quite chilled with no cooking and a bit of sewing.

    1. It was a really nice mothers day. I love the style of the dress I think it just needs more work maybe? x


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