Friday, 24 March 2017

Knitting Needle Roll

This post was suppose to be written on Tuesday but we ended up watching the new beauty and the beast and after eating my weight in popcorn I was fit for no purpose other than having a long bath!

Then I said I'd write it on Wednesday but Lil man had a pretty awful cough and ended up having the day off school after he coughed himself sick all over our bed. Funnily enough he was a lot better after his sick so we think it got a lot of the snot off his chest and I even felt comfortable enough to take Rikkis Nan to Abakhans to buy some fabric for some skirts shes making [Yes I brought fabric too but I was very restrained, and it was my "treat" for doing good housework recently!]

Anyway I thought I might write it after we'd been fabric shopping BUT then my phone beeped to tell me a dear friend had marked himself as safe on Facebook and I was like "safe from what?" and then we turned on the news.

There's not much I can say about the attack in London. I have no idea what would prompt somebody to do something so awful but my heart is with the victims and the people affected by this tragedy.

But onto the crafting because as a Brit I like nothing better than marching forward without fear!

Okay so as you might know already Prym sent me a big ol box of knitting goodies to try out because they have brought out new ergonomic knitting needles [You can read my review here]

Anyway I'm ashamed to say that box spent the next week or so on my living room floor. Mainly so I could show anyone who walked in my knew goodies whether they wanted to see them or not! But also tripping us up and generally being an eyesore. So I made myself a knitting roll! Well I saying knitting roll it also has spaces for crochet hooks! 

I used some fat quarters my lovely sister sent me ages ago! She sent them in the post and they happened to come on a day when I was feeling pretty grimm so they cheered me right up! They are Paris themed! They are also by the craft cotton company

Now mine was very spur of the moment but I think I'm going to write this up as a tutorial at some point because it was pretty simple!! 

First of all I worked out what I wanted in it. I knew I needed slots for knitting needles, crochet hooks and DPNs [which I'm hoping Rikkis Nan will give me a lesson in how to use!] But I also knew I wanted a loop to store my stitch holders on, a large pocket for bits, a place to put my needle gauge and somewhere or my sewing needles [the botanical print I used for my needle holder is by craft yourself silly! They do custom fabric printing and this is a sample they were kind enough to give me! Well its a small part of a sample they gave me!]

As it goes the length of my longest needles just corresponded with the width of the fat quarter. If that's not luck I don't know what is!

And I think I managed to cram everything in! It feels very neat and tidy and I love that I have a special place for my "Posh" Knitting needles! Even lil man has twigged these are new and posh needles! He loves clipping and un-clipping them!

It also closes with ties so you can make it nice and compact without damaging your needles or you can lie them out flat!

So yeah I grand success in my opinion! 

Much Love 




  1. Awesome roll, such a good idea to make one, I've seen them in the shops and they are so expensive (and not hugely big either) yours is so much better x

    1. Yeah the ones I;ve seen only have space for a few needles and I knew I wanted to be able to put EVERYTHING in there! x


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