Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Quick Update

As I write this, its Tuesday and I get married on Friday........ Squeals

Anyway Rikki's out at his club thing but instead of sewing I'm on the sofa chilling out, basking in the glory of my super tidy house and watching a film.

Lifes pretty dammed good to be honest!

These flowers were delivered today from my very lovely pen friend! Aren't they beautiful and aren't sewing people the nicest! I can't wait to display them on my dressing table when I get ready Friday morning.

So I'm not sure when I'll next blog! I know I want to do a video before I go on honeymoon about what I'm packing but that's the only concrete plan I have! 

But If you do want to watch me fumble my words and generally make a fool of myself here's two of my latest videos!

This is a review I did of the Cotton and chalk Sunday set! with fabrics from abakhans!

And this is my contribution to the seamstress tag videos that have been going around you tube!

Much Love




  1. I think bubble baths definitely count as a hobby! Shame about your shirt. I presume you've tried stain removal treatments. You could always try dyeing it although you would lose those pretty colours, but it might be better than putting it in the corner. Hope everything goes well in Friday and we get to see photos when you come back from Las Vegas.

    1. Photos are up! Ive tried all the stain removal treatments I can find and sadly its just not shifting!


  2. Best Wishes for Friday Frankie. Sending you love Jo x

  3. I really hope your day is amazing on tomorrow and that you enjoy every minute, I look forward to seeing some photos when things have settled down. Wishing you love and happiness xx

    1. Thankyou things were pretty carzy for a while there but hopefully they are getting back to normal!!!!


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