Friday, 11 January 2019

Hello 2019

So it's been a while huh? What can I say.......
Life guys life!

So here's the deal me and Rikki split up before Xmas for reasons that I'm not going to get into and we'll since then let's just say I've had quite the ride!

I've been dealing with Christmas and New year and scheduling and getting a job!

And in-between that I've not actually be getting a lot of sewing done! What can I say grown up responsibilities must come first! But here's a few things I have made!

I made this festive hat for work , we were asked to wear Christmas jumpers but I didn't have one and didn't have the time to buy or make one so I went with a
hat! It's various medicine boxes wrapped in fabric and tied with bows and then for a bit of crafty punch I also added a ball of wall with knitting needles and a few spools of cotton!

I demoed how to make this Chanel inspired jacket at abkhans and you can still see it on display at their Hanley store! 

Full details of the jacket will be on the blog soon! 

I've been easing myself back into sewing by working on my hexy quilt. I pulled it out and was shocked because it was a lot bigger than I remembered! 

I spent a wonderful Christmas with lil man family and friends all of whom have been absolute rocks over the past few months! 

I'm hoping to be back to proper blogging soon and I have a huge backlog of projects to show you! 

Sewing challenge wise I'm not taking part in make nine this year , I failed miserably last year and it made me realise that I only want to sew that I want to sew!!! So I'm skipping it which might mean you find me making mundane things or stupidly eccentric things!!! 

I hope your all having a wonderful start to 2019 and I'll be back to regular blogging soon!!!! 

Much love 




  1. Nice to see you again! Things sound trying, I'm so sorry. Your hat is adorable!

  2. Hi Frankie. I’ve kept popping by and have missed you. Sorry to hear you’ve had a rotten time but glad you are back. X

    1. its been a bit rough but hopefully things are on the up x

  3. Great to see you again. You will find your own stride soon. Jo xx

    1. i hope so, its been a long time since ive had a stride of my own x

  4. Oof. Nice to see your post.

  5. Glad to see you back. Sorry you have been having a crap time 😒


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