Tuesday, 6 March 2018

No scrap Left Behind - Velvet Cropped Peak Tshirt by Wendy Ward

One of my New years resolution's for this year was to wear more of the clothes I want to wear. For example crop tops. 

Typically I don;t wear them too much by themselves because I'm worried I look too pasty and untoned [and whilst I do have the time on my hands to get "toned" I'd just rather sit and eat some cake to be honest]

 Anyways I made a crop top! Although if I'd have had enough fabric I probably would have made a longer version. 

This velvet is what was left from my Valentines dress last year. I'd been pondering what do do with it for a while. It wasn't a big enough piece to throw out but it wasn't really good for mush else. 

I originally brought it from abakhan and I think it was £8.40 and I got a wrap dress and this top out of it. 

Then I was given Wendy Wards new book sewing with knitted fabrics by minerva crafts, and I realised I could probably squeeze a Peak Tshirt out of the material I had left. [FYI I highly recommend this book even if you aren't new to sewing knits it has some great information in it and some lovely projects]

This is the cropped length with the short sleeves but there are at least ten variations that you can make! 

The only thing I didn't do was add the neck band. My fabric simply didn't have enough stretch so instead I over locked the edge and turned it over twice and then hemmed it with a zig zag stitch.

Zig Zag is fast becoming my favourite way to hem knits, it seems whenever I get my twin needle out I spend about four hours faffing around with tension and trying to stop the threads snapping.

[I am hardcore breathing in on this photo to the point where I'm surprised I'm not blue in the face!]

The main construction was done on my overlocker so it was a really quick make, In fact I have a few more of these planned but with jazzy sleeves and stuff just to make sure I definitely use up every last piece of stash fabric!

All in all I actually really ended up loving this project which surprised me because I wasn't best keen on my valentines dress! [In fact I've only worn it twice since I made it!]

In other news:

From 4 O'clock to 9.30 we've had no water. Yep a burst pipe left us with one brew in the kettle and half a bottle of juice for lil man. Naturally he tanked that in five minutes from being home from school so a HUGE shout out to our awesome neighbours who gave him a bottle of water because he was thirsty at bedtime and naturally we couldn't leave the house. 

We are so lucky to live next to such awesome people! 

Luckily the water is back on now we just have the fun job of running all the taps so we don't have dirty water and air in the system.

Much Love 



  1. I liked that book too. I made the top with the shirring elastic on and it came out really well. A great way to have a bit of fabric around my stomach! Your top looks good.

    1. Thankyou! I'm tempted by the shirring version x

  2. Inspired! As always! Hope you don't mind if I make a black one :) xox


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