Sunday, 18 March 2018

Guitar Crop Top

I love a crop top. Mainly because they are so versatile for layering under jumpers and vest tops, but also because of how little fabric they take. 

This fabric was a gift from @quiltygal on instagram. She posted a picture of the fabric and I mentioned how awesome I thought it was and she was kind enough to send it to me. 

It was only a small amount so I thought I might have to be put into a quilting project of some sort. Which I was gutted about, because this fabric needed to be on my body! 

Then I remembered that the Corset top from the 3rd GBSB book takes hardly any fabric. 

I promise the strap isn't sewn in twisted it would just appear that I struggle to dress myself. Originally I wanted the front to lace up with ribbon and eyelets because I thought that would mesh nicely with the guitar theme of the fabric. 


The eyelet puncher thing I brought from home and bargains for a measly £2 something was absolute and utter rubbish. I mean seriously if your looking for a cheap eyelet tool don't buy that one because you'll only end up binning it in a fit of rage. Instead get a decent one like this one by Prym.

Luckily I'd had the brains to test how to use the bloody thing on a piece of scrap fabric first so I didn't wreck the constructed top. I was pretty gutted though because I had my heart set on a lace up version and now it just closes with standard press studs. 

The fits pretty good but I really ought to tweak the pattern so its a bit longer as it will make it a bit more wearable. Its fully lined with some scrap cotton. I did realise afterwards that If I'd been a bit neater sewing on the press studs then the top would be reversible. 

I didn't try and pattern match because I didn't have enough fabric. Plus matching little tiny guitars is not my jam! Instead I just tried to position the pattern pieces so as many guitars were whole as possible. I think I did an okay job, you can definitely see that its a pattern of guitars at least. 

All in all I really like it. I've been wearing it a lot under some big loose vest tops that I have and it makes sure that the "girls" are covered up quite nicely.

In other news! 

More snow! Yay or well not? I'm actually ready for spring now and I'd like to start wearing my summer dresses please.

Pretty please???

Much Love 




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