Monday, 26 March 2018

A Little Cable Hat - Prym Yoga Needle

I'm really getting back into my knitting. Which is bizarre because, hello summers on its way????

But no, apparently the infrequent bursts of sunshine just make me want to sit and knit! 

Last year I told you all about my love for the Prym Ergonomic needle and well they've only gone and done it again! 

Meet the Prym Yoga! 

I was lucky enough to be given a sample of these to try at the recent CHSI stitches show at the Prym stand. 

Now the idea of the Yoga needle is that it does just about everything. Which means it saves valuable space in your knitting bag that you can use for snacks and stuff. 

Its called the Yoga because well its "bendy" like people who do yoga! [Side thought: Have you seen there's such a thing as doga? its yoga but with your dog!!! anyway I digress]

Primarily I've been using it as a cable needle. Oh yeah I upped my knitting game and learnt how to do cables just so I could test this out.

But you can also use it as a stitch holder, auxiliary marker [I have no idea what that is but it says it on the box], a stitch marker or a double pointed needle [Its flexible so its very useful in small pieces of knitting where you might want to bend it out of the way.] 

The ends are the same as the regular prym ergonomic needles they have the smooth plastic and the hook at the end. I've been using the ergonomic needles religiously and now I hate using standard needles, "where is my hook tip? Why are my stitches falling off?"

But these have the added bonus with the middle being bendy. Which means you can form it into all sorts of shapes. For example your favourite type of cable needle. 

Speaking of cables, here's what I made whilst I was trying them out. As you know I'm a firm believer in giving things a good try so I made a hat.

I actually made it for me but it looks horrible on me. I'm not sure why but it does and Lil man has 
currently lost 2 hats at school so this got rammed on his head one snowy morning when he was hat-less and lo and behold it looks pretty cute on him.

It was pretty risky of me to let him take it to school though as I hadn't taken any blog pictures at that point.

You can see the cables better in these photos. There are four on the hat and I really liked how malleable the yoga needle was when I was trying to knit them. And also how light it was in compassion to metal cable needles. I  knit a few rows with my metal cable needle and I found that the weight dragged the stitches down a bit. Not a huge amount but enough so that using a metal cable needle might have messed up my tension.

All in all I really really liked them. In fact the only issue I had was that everybody else in the house seemed to want to play with them too!!! 

Every time either the big or little man walked past my knitting they couldn't resist picking it up and bending it! 

They have never show such a interest in my crafting before!!! 

And then I found myself doing it as I was reading the pattern. Without even thinking about it! So I think we can add "thinking device" to its list of uses too!!! 

If you fancy giving them a try you can find them here! 

Much Love 



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