Saturday 19 August 2017

Knitted Diagonal Blanket - Yarn by Craft Cotton Company

Its always nice to have a lil stash of blankets ready to go and this one is just so simple to knit up!

I used three different colours of wool by the craft cotton company. They actually picked out the colours for me and I;m glad they did because I would have gone for something more babyish like pale pink and white but I actually love how modern the grey and blue look with the white. It give the blanket a longer life for more use and as every mother knows dark colours are 10000% better for hiding stains! 

The wool is acrylic which means it can stand up to the battering that all baby items take in the washing machine. I mean seriously all I seemed to do when Lil man was lil was wash puke stains out of things people had lovingly knitted for him.

Construction wise its so simple!

You cast on 3 stitches

Then you knit 200 rows and increase 1 stitch at the end of every row. [or you can just go on until you get the size you like. But 200 rows makes a 1 metre square blanket]

Then you knit another 200 rows but this time you decrease one stitch at the end of every row until you have 3 stitches left then you cast off. 

For the colour changes you just knit two rows in each colour. 

Then as an optional extra you can add a cute crochet trim!

[I used 2 100g ball of each colour so six balls in total]

I knitted mine up on size 4mm prym ergonomic knitting needles, and it honestly felt like it took forever but I did a lot of it whilst watching t.v and just generally relaxing. The wool was really nice to knit with and I had no issues with it splitting or fraying. I did have to keep cutting it and re tying it on though because I was getting the three colours tangled up!

I used garter stitch because it means I don't have to concentrate so hard and I like the texture but it would also look really cute in moss stitch!

Now typically I put these into a draw ready for the next baby that's born BUT I'm squirrelling this one away into our airing cupboard so Its ready for them we get a dog! Now we're not getting one just yet but I'm definitely wearing Rikki down! We don't have a wedding to save for anymore so he can;t use that as an excuse and I've been making a really big effort to keep the house tidy. All of which has been noticed! So fingers crossed maybe next year I'll have a little bundle of fur to destroy the house! 

Much Love


disclaimer - whilst the wool for this project was provided for free all thoughts and opinions are my own!


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