Tuesday, 1 August 2017

#ettaquiltproject - shoo fly block

Stick a fork in me I am done! Today I have cleaned the whole house, cleaned out the guinea pig and the gerbils and emptied our fish tank because our last fish has finally given up the ghost! This meant I had to empty the whole tank of water, then faff about with pebbles and cleaning the dammed thing! [which I had to carry upstairs and clean in the bath because its too big for our sink!] And trust me you want to make sure your tank is clean before you store it because those things go ripe fast! 

But I'm here today to share the latest block in my #ettaquiltproject , I've been sewing the blocks whenever I can in the hopes I can get a backlog together so I never a fortnight! [Here's a link to the previous block]

This is the "shoo fly" quilt block. Because its squares and triangles its super simple to stitch up! I used some fabric scraps given to me by friends! 

You can find the instructions for this block here.

History wise apparently back in the day this type of block was used to teach young girls the basics of quilt construction. And apparently this type of block identified a person as someone who could be trusted during the underground railway, these people would not only help the escape of the slaves but would also provide food, water and shelter if needed as well!

In other news the toe is definitely broken! 

Much Love

and good luck if your making these blocks yourself!




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