Thursday, 17 August 2017

#ettaquiltproject - Square in a Square Block

So here's the latest installment of the #ettaquiltproject. 

Now my Grandma had this labeled as an "all american star" [Luckily she had labeled all of her templates which made this project a bunch easier, it also showed me where my big sister gets her organisational skills from!] But looking on the internet I could only see one example that looked this this under the title of "all american star" [Lets all just give a minutes thanks to the google gods who put all of the knowledge of the world at our finger tips!] 

Anyway after struggling to find a template for you guys to use, I asked on a Facebook quilting group what they thought this might be called and the general consensus seemed to be that its actually called a square in a square quilt block! althought the 

Because I still thought it was called a all american star when I made this up I thought it was only fitting to go for the good old red white and blue! The red plaid is from the lady at the car boot and the blue is an off cut from one of my Aunty Shelias table cloths. 

You can find a template here!  [the template has one less square than I used but if your good at maths you could probably sort that out]

History wise I couldn't find much information apart from it's generally featured in lots of quilts to add interest to patterns, and that its sort of a go to block in a quilters arsenal! I also saw mentioned that it can look really cool when alternated with a basic nice patch for a simple quilt that looks really cool!

And speaking of cool!

How AWESOME is my sister doing with this! Shes just finished her first block and I couldn't be more proud of her! I also love that shes used tartan to commemorate our Scottish born Grandma!

Shes also just picked out the fabric for her shoo fly block!

Much Love




  1. :x thanks Frankie, I'm really enjoying it & it gave me the much needed kick up the arsenal to get started! I said to Keefy last night that I've just finished my first block, so I bet you do a post for the third block in the next few days :) xxx


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