Saturday, 23 September 2017

Thoughts on Shopping

I went shopping.

Yep, me that girl who's sews her clothes, she went shopping!

Now back in the day I was quite the fan of shopping and I was pretty good at it, however after so many years of saving money for weddings and babies and then making a lot of my own clothes my thoughts on shopping have changed a lot!

For starters let me say I had a great time, I had a voucher for my birthday so I didn't have to stump up the cash and I went by myself which was BLISS! There is nothing quite like having an afternoon to please yourself without having a small child or husband whinging about how long your taking! 

And I enjoyed this a lot more than my last shopping trip trying to find swimwear! 

So here's a list of the good and bad points of shopping compared to sewing!


- There's no wait time, you think of something you want and its in your hand instantly. You don't have to find fabric, find a pattern and cut it out!
- You can try to see if its looks good. There is nothing worse than spending hours sewing something only to find you look like a big bog of poop in it! With shopping you pop to the changing room and decide without parting with any time or money!
- I can buy shoes! I LOVE SHOES! The bottom of my wardrobe is filled with shoes! In fact on my shopping trip I brought two pairs of shoes a pair of black flats and a pair of Minnie mouse trainers , now I could learn to make shoes but the amount of walking I do means they would all be wrecked and I think that would break my heart a lil bit!
- I can buy other things I have no interest in making like basic tshirts, slips and pants!
- Band tshirts! I can't make band tshirts so its nice to pick one up every now and again! 


- Why so many crop tops? I must have found about 10 tops that I LOVED but they were basically bras! I mean cmon! Would it be so hard to create tops in two lengths? one for people who want to flash their tummy's and one for people who don't?
- One sleeve , the same goes for the one sleeve trend! I dunno if its just me but I love my arms equally and want them to both be the same amount of warmness, I mean what do you do if your exposed arm gets cold? Do they sell half a cardi? I need answers people!!!!
- Changing rooms! I MEAN CHANGING ROOMS! EURGH! Its the worst thing about shopping. Having to remove your clothes in a small room with a questionable floor and worse lighting whilst a thin curtain separates you from a group of teenagers who would have no issue with ridiculing you should the bloody thing start to flap and reveal you in your shopping pants, standing on one leg, trying to cram yourself into a pair of jeans that your not sure are sized accurately...... Changing rooms eurgh! I would love a clean changing room, with multiple mirrors, lots a hooks to hang things, a chair to sit smalls on and a door! A REAL DOOR! none of this half sized door crap just a full sized lets not flash the public door! 
which brings me nicely to my second point!
- People in changing rooms. I'm not sure whats worse having to hear people use the word fat to describe themselves "I look so fat in this I'm huge!!!!" or hearing people slag off other people in the changing rooms "OMG did you see her in that! She looked awful!" I mean cmon! Really? Women shaming other women? Not cool and shaming yourself even worse! I mean your not fat! You have fat, fat is not who you are! 

That said I really did have a great time and I got some awesome stuff!!!! Plus I got some great ideas for things to make! 

So I can't wait to get sewing next week!

Much Love




  1. At least communal changing rooms have disappeared ! In my teenage years they were everywhere!

    1. I think a communal changing room might just send me over the edge. I had a theory at high school that their would be less bullying if the pe changing rooms had cubicles x


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