Thursday, 11 April 2019

Jessica Dress by Mimi G

 Lets start off by saying IT HAS POCKETS FOLKS!!!! 

Big pockets. I mean BIG pockets! Big enough for your keys and your phone and all the other excess baggage we carry around day in day out!

Pockets are are big enough to smuggle kittens [no kittens were harmed in the making of this blog post!]

Next lets say this pattern was FREEEEEEE!!! Yes free as in no money left my hands in order to get this pattern.

The dress is by Mimi G style and she offered it as a free download on her website. I however missed the boat and didn't even realise she'd released it until I saw all of the beautiful versions popping up on my Instagram feed. 

Anyway I thought it would be the perfect summer dress for me [and I've worn it loads in winter too] so I sent her a message saying how gutted I was to miss the free download and she only went and emailed me a copy didn't she. Mimi G is a legend and a lovely lady!

Okay so the pattern, The bodice is princess seamed with a gathered skirt and wide straps. You can make the straps skinnier but I personally like a wide strap because its more likely to hid my bra. But the two real statements are the button front and the large pockets. 

Adjustments wise I didn't make many, just thickening the straps and taking about 6 inches off the length. 

I trusted the measurements because Mimi G is the master of ease and fit. However it does use a 3/8 seam allowance which I didn't realise until I'd sewn the bodice and the lining at the standard seam allowance so guess who had a lot of unpicking to do!!!! 

I'm pretty sure the pattern calls for a facing but I chose to line both my bodice and the pockets in a slightly paler coloured cotton.

The main body of the dress is made from linen which i got from abakhans fabric fill a bag sale. I was a bit unsure about the colour as Its what I called battle ship blue/grey. But I actually really love it on this dress. 

The buttons are from my stash. I have an inkling that I took them off an old item of clothing but I'm not sure what?

Its pretty much my ideal summer dress. And winter dress to be honest. I wore it a lot when it was cold with tshirts underneath, thick black tights and boots. So its a pretty versatile. 

I did make a version in Christmas fabric from the craft cotton company. However I didn't get chance to wear it at Christmas as I'd lost too much weight and it was hanging off me, so I've popped it in the wardrobe ready for next Christmas. 

I'm planning a few more versions of this dress. Mainly because its so easy to wear and because I do love a dress with pockets. Although I am wondering if I should make the next version a bit shorter? But I do like the length because its easy to wear without tights and there is no fear of flashing my pants.  

So all in all I LOVE this dress. 

In other news!!! 

I made a pair of pjs and a skirt in some awesome marvel fabric [the skirt is currently on my instagram]

And Lil Man has CHICKEN POX! Yeah I took him for his bath on Wednesday and well SPOTS everywhere!!!!! Luckily hes taking it really well, hes chirpy enough just a bit tired and he knows not to scratch his spots! 

And I have new tyres for my car!!! Which was a complete pain in the ass!!!! The garages facebook page took me 30 minutes away and I couldn't find it so I rang them and lo and behold the garage is about 3 minutes from my house. But anyway I managed it and I got their in the end! 

Much Love



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