Tuesday, 12 March 2019

I made JEANS!!!!!!

So I sucked at blogging again huh? What can I say? Between work and sorting lil man and seeing friends I'm left with enough time at the end of the day to shower and crawl into bed and that's about it! 

Anyway I made Jeans!!!! 

I know, I know. I swore I would never make them BUT what can I say? I had the fabric and then BOOM a pattern presented itself and before I knew it, I was saying to myself "ahh go on, give it a try. You need a challenge"

Funnily enough I made these before LIFE became challenging when I actually had time to sew! 

Right so details!!!! The pattern is a mimi g style pattern for simplicity 8516.  

Image result for mimi g style 8516 blog

It comes with three fit options, average, curvy and slim. After looking at the pattern pieces I decided to go for the slim fit because my waist is a lot smaller than my bum. 

FYI I got my hands on the pattern during the big pattern swap on Instagram! Which I loved and I'm really hoping it gets run again this year! 

I did do decorative top stitching on my bum pockets but I think I should have used a triple stitch because it hasn't really shown up. 

The fabric came from the abakhans fill a bag sale in Hanley. Which means I got enough denim for jeans in a bag with other fabrics for ten pounds which is just about the bargain of the year!!! 

Fit wise I'm actually really pleased. I was worried about making my own jeans because I find shopping for them an absolute nightmare!!! 

Its got some pretty deep pockets at the front and even one of those lil tiny pockets that's half hidden inside one of the front pockets. I am wondering what that stupidly tiny pocket is actually for because you can't really fit anything in it! 

I decided not to hem them because I knew I'd just end up turning them up anyway. I used to wear my jeans turned up all the time especially in the summer and I really liked the style.

I didn't buy any extra hardware to make the jeans. The zip is recycled from an old hoody and the button is just an old one from my stash!.

I'm really proud of the front fly zip. It wasn't the easiest zip I've ever sewn but I think it turned out really cool!

These jeans actually broke my sewing machine. In fact I still need to book it in with the sewing machine repair man! 

All in all I'm 100% proud of these jeans and I've been wearing them all the time. They came in very handy during the long winter school runs when my legs would have been frozen in skirts!

Anyway if you'd like to watch me actually sewing these I have done a little vlog on it! I warn you its long so I suggest making a brew first! But if you watch it you get to watch me fall into my mums hometown accent when I get stressed!!!!! 

Much Love 




  1. Look great! The little pocket is always handy to stick a £1 coin in, though I’m sure that’s not it’s purpose!

  2. They look great, I hope to make some one day.

  3. It fits like a glove. No camel toe no butt squeezing. Just perfect. Well done.

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