Friday, 1 December 2017

Green Ponte Simple Sew Skater Dress #006

I don't want to sound too smug but I've started to do my Christmas wrapping and about 90% of my presents are already brought. I am on the ball this year! I am a Christmas ninja! Which probably means I'll get hideous flu in December and be completely wiped for Christmas day. Although I hope not because LOL someone has to eat the piggies in blankets don't they! 

Anyway onto the dress! The pattern is the simple sew skater dress. Which costs £10 on their website but I think I got it for free in a magazine? That or someone gave it too me? I definitely didn't buy it anyway. The pattern has fairly simple instructions but because its got a faced neckline it actually works pretty well with the simple instructions. It says its suitable for adventurous beginners but I could see someone who maybe had only made 2 or 3 dresses. The only really difficult bit is the zip. 

It also comes in sizes 8-18 and skater dresses are very flattering on all shapes. 

The pattern calls for woven fabric but I used this ponte fabric because it has zero stretch and I thought the thickness and weight of it might make it a nice winter dress. The fabric was given to me by my friend, I think it originally came from his Nans house? 

Typically I don't wear green because I think it washes me out a bit. But because this is such a dark green I don;t think its too bad? 

Its got a full circle skirt and we all know how much I LOVE a circle skirt! The only issue I had with the skirt is that it seams a bit short? I cut out the pattern, and hemmed it with a 1cm seam allowance [which is pretty standard] and whilst the length is okay on me I do wonder if I would like a few more cm? Its mid thigh on me and I'm about 5 foot four. So if your taller or want more coverage then you might want to think about adding some extra length to the pattern pieces. 

I used a metal zip for the back because I love an exposed metal zip. Its pretty neat insertion. Plus you can see my tattoo which is always a bonus.  

I had to belt the dress because It feels really busty on me and I felt like I needed to emphasis my waist. I didn't want to be wondering around just looking like a pair of boobs....Oddly enough Rikki didn't think it needed the belt. 

Next time I might add an inch to the bottom of the bodice pieces so it hits my waist better. 

The other issue I had was with inserting the sleeves. There are no marking on the sleeves to tell you which part is the back of the sleeve and which part is the front. Well at least I couldn't see any notches .Although my copy might be an older one than the one on the website so it might have been changed. I;m going to show it to either my auntie or my mums neighbour who are both really good dressmakers and see if one of them can work out which is the back so I can mark it on myself.

As a result I'm pretty sure that one sleeve is inserted the wrong way around..... Its irritating at first but after wearing it all day I found it wasn't noticeable after a bit.

But that said I do like the dress. It was a really quick make, I did most of it on my overlocker and I do think it will be a good dress for winter with some thick tights and boots. 

In other news! 

Christmas is already hitting us. We have school trips in the works and family events are already being booked in. As much as I love Christmas I do tend to find it all a bit tiring! That said at least I don;t have to worry about making Christmas dinner because we alternate between Rikkis Mum and his Nan. This year we are at his mums which is good because its not far from our house so we can pop home for forgotten bits if we need to.. 

I've been filming a lot of you tube videos and happily I'm enjoying it again. Its much easier doing them on my video camera rather than my phone and I'm starting to get to grips with the editing software now [Mainly because bless his socks Rikki has been very patient with me!]

Right now I have to make a Inn Keepers costume so wish me luck! What happened to the days of the school having a cache of costumes for the kids to use? My primary school had a load of "robes" that we wore every year and the most we ever had to do was bring in a tea towel to wear on our heads [Although now I think of it they might have provided these too!]. But now apparently parents have to buy a costume which sort of worries me with the whole waste thing? I mean I'm guessing that not all of the parents are keeping the costumes in case they need using again? And they are not donating them to the school because then their would be no need to buy costumes? So I can only assume that they are going into the bin! Which is a bit sad really isn't it.

Much Love 


P.S If anyone knows what the inn keeper wore when he turned down Mary and Joseph please let me know! All I can think about is Basil Fawlty! 


  1. Love the dress! Inn keepers used to wear tartan type dressing gowns with a tea towel on their head! I'm sure it's more up-market now!
    You could suggest to school that for environmentally reasons of recycling they asked parents to donate unwanted costumes to school, it would also help parents who can't afford or can't make a costume. I suspect they will quote lack of storage space and the H & S aspect of children wearing clothes that others have worn (not a sentiment I agree with!)

  2. Looks great Frankie, the colour really suits you. Definitely agree about the pattern needing a little extra length in the bodice. Love the exposed zip too! xox


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