Wednesday, 17 April 2019

Korbond Scissor Review

As you guys know I love a good pair of scissors! So when Korbond asked me if I'd like to try one of their pairs I jumped at the chance. 

Right so. They cut good.

I've tried them on thick fabrics and thin one and they slice through them every time. I've been using them solidly since February and they still seem as sharp as ever. Which I think is something to do with the serrated blades????

The blades are stainless steel so they are nice and sturdy and they don't seem to be getting loose? 

Does that make sense? You know how sometimes scissors get loose at the screw and them when you pick them up they just sort of flop open? Well it happens to me ALL THE DAMMED TIME with scissors. Probably because I over use them!!!! 

But so far these ones aren't flopping open at all.

 The other thing I really like is that the handles are lined with rubber. 

I find sometimes that if I'm doing a lot of cutting I can get a sore bit around my thumb. Like a blister, but so far these haven't given me blisters and I have been furiously cutting out pieces for baby quilts! Especially seen as pretty much everyone I know is pregnant at the minute!!!! 

Their 9inches long so their not exactly tailors shears but they are long enough for any dressmaking I do and I like that they don't feel too big and clunky in my hand.

So all in all I'd say these are a pretty banging pair of scissors and even better you can get them really easily its a simple as popping to your local Tesco [or you can find them by clicking on the link if you like a little sofa shopping]!!!! Which is very handy for when your partner/parents/child uses them for cutting paper and ruins them and you have to dash out for a new pair!!!  

Much Love



Disclaimer - Whilst Korbond gave me these scissors to review for free all thoughts and opinions are my own.  

Thursday, 11 April 2019

Jessica Dress by Mimi G

 Lets start off by saying IT HAS POCKETS FOLKS!!!! 

Big pockets. I mean BIG pockets! Big enough for your keys and your phone and all the other excess baggage we carry around day in day out!

Pockets are are big enough to smuggle kittens [no kittens were harmed in the making of this blog post!]

Next lets say this pattern was FREEEEEEE!!! Yes free as in no money left my hands in order to get this pattern.

The dress is by Mimi G style and she offered it as a free download on her website. I however missed the boat and didn't even realise she'd released it until I saw all of the beautiful versions popping up on my Instagram feed. 

Anyway I thought it would be the perfect summer dress for me [and I've worn it loads in winter too] so I sent her a message saying how gutted I was to miss the free download and she only went and emailed me a copy didn't she. Mimi G is a legend and a lovely lady!

Okay so the pattern, The bodice is princess seamed with a gathered skirt and wide straps. You can make the straps skinnier but I personally like a wide strap because its more likely to hid my bra. But the two real statements are the button front and the large pockets. 

Adjustments wise I didn't make many, just thickening the straps and taking about 6 inches off the length. 

I trusted the measurements because Mimi G is the master of ease and fit. However it does use a 3/8 seam allowance which I didn't realise until I'd sewn the bodice and the lining at the standard seam allowance so guess who had a lot of unpicking to do!!!! 

I'm pretty sure the pattern calls for a facing but I chose to line both my bodice and the pockets in a slightly paler coloured cotton.

The main body of the dress is made from linen which i got from abakhans fabric fill a bag sale. I was a bit unsure about the colour as Its what I called battle ship blue/grey. But I actually really love it on this dress. 

The buttons are from my stash. I have an inkling that I took them off an old item of clothing but I'm not sure what?

Its pretty much my ideal summer dress. And winter dress to be honest. I wore it a lot when it was cold with tshirts underneath, thick black tights and boots. So its a pretty versatile. 

I did make a version in Christmas fabric from the craft cotton company. However I didn't get chance to wear it at Christmas as I'd lost too much weight and it was hanging off me, so I've popped it in the wardrobe ready for next Christmas. 

I'm planning a few more versions of this dress. Mainly because its so easy to wear and because I do love a dress with pockets. Although I am wondering if I should make the next version a bit shorter? But I do like the length because its easy to wear without tights and there is no fear of flashing my pants.  

So all in all I LOVE this dress. 

In other news!!! 

I made a pair of pjs and a skirt in some awesome marvel fabric [the skirt is currently on my instagram]

And Lil Man has CHICKEN POX! Yeah I took him for his bath on Wednesday and well SPOTS everywhere!!!!! Luckily hes taking it really well, hes chirpy enough just a bit tired and he knows not to scratch his spots! 

And I have new tyres for my car!!! Which was a complete pain in the ass!!!! The garages facebook page took me 30 minutes away and I couldn't find it so I rang them and lo and behold the garage is about 3 minutes from my house. But anyway I managed it and I got their in the end! 

Much Love



Saturday, 6 April 2019

Basic White Shirt - Prima Pattern

I love sewing shirts!!!!!! I dunno what it is but I love it! All the top stitching , making a collar its one of my favourite things to make. Although I was struggling to find the perfect pattern until now!!! 

This pattern is from Prima Magazine of all places. I know its not a go to pattern place for most people but in my experience the patterns are always well drafted with clear instructions. Yeah you have to trace them but lets face it, you have to do some sort of tracing on most patterns now days!

The fabric is from the abakhans fill a bag sale. Its a beautiful white cotton with an embroidered pattern. I dread to think how much it would have cost off the roll or as a remnant but I got it in a bag with other fabrics for £10 so it was a bargain!

The instructions were simple to follow but I changed the sleeve plackets because I wasn't happy with how they turned out. They don't look brilliant but I mainly wear it with the sleeves rolled up so its not a huge issue. 

The buttons down the front are from my mums old white trouser suit and make me smile every time I see them. They are little hexagons with a mother of pearl type look. 

I used the button gauge my mum and dad got me for my birthday and I would highly recommend getting one if you ever do button holes. It makes getting them evenly spaced much easier.

The shirt went together really easily even the collar and collar stand. Even the buttons holes went in first time! 

The yoke is lined so you have to use the burrito method to turn it through. Which did make me scratch my head for a second but I got there in the end. 

I missed off the collar buttonhole and the top button hole because I never do them up anyway so whats the point? Plus I didn't have enough buttons....

Next time I make it I might lengthen the pattern a bit. Its not awful now I just think I'd feel better with a few more inches of length.

The only other thing I can say is I didn't have any white interfacing so I used some white cotton instead and its holding up well.

All in all I really love this shirt and I'm chuffed with how it turned out. 

In fact this shirt had its first outing a few months ago when I went bowling with my mates and the Ultra violet light made the stitching on it show up and look really cool. 

oooh I nearly forgot to say the breast pockets are actually pretty useful! The fabric is quite sheer so the breast pockets [which are lined] mean I can wear it with just a bra rather than a bra and a vest top! WINNER! 

As it goes I actually used this pattern to make another version of this shirt almost straight after and I love that one too! 

Much Love



Wednesday, 3 April 2019

Vogue 8974 in Blue Brocade

 Right let me start of by saying that the bodice on this dress doesn't look brilliant because I forgot to take a bra to my mums so had to sort of go without.......

I've also lost a bit of weight since I made it so it doesn't fit quite as nicely as when I first made it.

Here's me wearing it when I first made it but you can't see much because I have a jacket on. I did think you might appreciate my concentration face though........ It took me ages to get that plate spinning though. 

I made this ages ago for a christening. In reality I have about forty million dresses that would have done but I wanted something new and I had the time and the fabric so........

I have made this dress previously in a red waffle fabric and I love it!

The blue brocade fabric is from the abakhans fill a bag sale. I'm not 100% if its from the first one I went to or the second one?????? I could look at my youtube haul video but what can I say I'm lazy!!!!

Fit wise I had to make a few alterations! This pattern is a bit of a brute as far as fitting goes. Mainly because of the bodice darts and the cross over straps. Plus the fact that you have to be wearing the PERFECT bra to make it look nice. 

Changes wise:
 I had to shorten the straps by about 3 inches.
I swapped out the side zip for a back zip because I hate side zips! 
I cut a size 12 but had to take the side seams in by about 2cm on each side.
And I added a circle skirt because I prefer the look of a full circle skirt compared to a half circle skirt. 

I also added pockets because well POCKETS!!! Got to have somewhere to keep the essentials! 

The neckline is faced but I think next time I'd be tempted to put in a lining instead. I did encase the waist seam in bias binding just to make it tidier and give it a bit of stability. However, because I wore the dress belted I found that the area around the zip started rubbing my skin after a while.

The only issue with this dress is you can't finish it right away. I had to leave the skirt to hang for 2 days before I could hem the dammed thing and even after that hemming a circle skirt is no joke. It just goes on and on and on and on. 

But all in all I really love the dress and I can't wait until it fits properly again!

In other news!!!! 

I've been busy at work and spending time with lil man.

I sewn up a baby quilt top!

I've sewn myself a new skirt!

I've cut out another baby quilt and started knitting some booties! 

I feel like I'm really getting into the swing of things recently and I've got a lot of exciting things coming up!

Much Love 



Monday, 25 March 2019

Simplicity 1252 "Jiffy" - Red Tartan Dress

This make is so old I remember wearing it with jumpers underneath it during that really harsh winter spell we had. 

Yeah, what can I say I'm behind on my blogging!!! 

Now this isn't typically something I'd choose to make but I was demoing how to make one at abakhans so I needed to make up a sample.

As it goes I was a Muppet and didn't pattern match my side seams but hey ho we can't be perfect all the time.

The pattern is simplicity 1252.

Image result for simplicity 1252

And surprisingly for simplicity the samples aren't made up in horrible fabrics! I'd actually wear all of the versions on the pattern envelope.

Its a really simple pattern, the back is cut with the fabric doubled [like normal] but the front is cut out on the flat so its a BIG OLE pattern piece. 

Its also a great pattern for practising darts. The centre front has a long dart as well as bust darts and the back has two darts as well to give shape. 

I'm not a huge fan of the centre front dart, especially with a tartan pattern like this as it distorts it. Plus it just feels a bit weird to me having a dart right under my chin. Next time I think I'll rotate the dart out because I'm just not a huge fan of it. 

The arm and neck facing is all in one. Which is my favourite kind of facing, I mean I'd much rather line something but if I do have to do a facing I'd rather it was all in one and not flapping around. 

I took about 1 1/2 inches off the length and I probably could have taken a fraction more.  

The backs got a lapped zip which I can happily report went in first time with no issues. I did pin the absolute heck out of it though to make sure that all the tartan stripes lined up. [unlike those pesky side seams!]

All in all I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. Its a nice blend of smart and comfy and it looks really nice with a black turtleneck or a jumper of some sort under it. 

In other news!!! 

I've done a bit of sewing recently. I've made an outfit for my friends wedding next month and I am buzzing to wear it!

I've not done any knitting but I've been tidying my knitting and sewing stuff so I'm hoping to get back into the swing of things soon. Especially seen as I have a lot of baby booties to knit! I know 3 people who are pregnant right now!!!!! Which also means I have three baby blankets to make!!! Eek!!!!!

Much Love



Tuesday, 12 March 2019

I made JEANS!!!!!!

So I sucked at blogging again huh? What can I say? Between work and sorting lil man and seeing friends I'm left with enough time at the end of the day to shower and crawl into bed and that's about it! 

Anyway I made Jeans!!!! 

I know, I know. I swore I would never make them BUT what can I say? I had the fabric and then BOOM a pattern presented itself and before I knew it, I was saying to myself "ahh go on, give it a try. You need a challenge"

Funnily enough I made these before LIFE became challenging when I actually had time to sew! 

Right so details!!!! The pattern is a mimi g style pattern for simplicity 8516.  

Image result for mimi g style 8516 blog

It comes with three fit options, average, curvy and slim. After looking at the pattern pieces I decided to go for the slim fit because my waist is a lot smaller than my bum. 

FYI I got my hands on the pattern during the big pattern swap on Instagram! Which I loved and I'm really hoping it gets run again this year! 

I did do decorative top stitching on my bum pockets but I think I should have used a triple stitch because it hasn't really shown up. 

The fabric came from the abakhans fill a bag sale in Hanley. Which means I got enough denim for jeans in a bag with other fabrics for ten pounds which is just about the bargain of the year!!! 

Fit wise I'm actually really pleased. I was worried about making my own jeans because I find shopping for them an absolute nightmare!!! 

Its got some pretty deep pockets at the front and even one of those lil tiny pockets that's half hidden inside one of the front pockets. I am wondering what that stupidly tiny pocket is actually for because you can't really fit anything in it! 

I decided not to hem them because I knew I'd just end up turning them up anyway. I used to wear my jeans turned up all the time especially in the summer and I really liked the style.

I didn't buy any extra hardware to make the jeans. The zip is recycled from an old hoody and the button is just an old one from my stash!.

I'm really proud of the front fly zip. It wasn't the easiest zip I've ever sewn but I think it turned out really cool!

These jeans actually broke my sewing machine. In fact I still need to book it in with the sewing machine repair man! 

All in all I'm 100% proud of these jeans and I've been wearing them all the time. They came in very handy during the long winter school runs when my legs would have been frozen in skirts!

Anyway if you'd like to watch me actually sewing these I have done a little vlog on it! I warn you its long so I suggest making a brew first! But if you watch it you get to watch me fall into my mums hometown accent when I get stressed!!!!! 

Much Love 



Thursday, 28 February 2019

I Sewed Leggings!

 I am not a sporty girl. In fact back in high school I used to have P.E every Friday afternoon and I used to bunk it off [sorry mum!!!]. Luckily for me the P.E teachers never took the register and I never did enough when I did turn up to make it noticeable when I wasn't there. [Yet again sorry mum!!!]

I actually went through a phase when I thought I might get into running but I only did it twice before I gave up. What can I say? You run somewhere get knackered and then still have to run home! Plus I hate sweating!

That said I do like to try and stay fit. I do yoga when I can because its calming and it strengthens my core and my Big Brother recently took me, Lil Man and his kids rock climbing and I bloody loved it! 

I haven't been rock climbing in years! In fact the manager asked me when the last time I belayed someone [held the rope and made sure they didn't fall to their death] was and I worked out it was about 10 years ago!!!! Which makes me feel hella old! Anyway I was lucky enough that my brother really pushed me to try some difficult routes and now I can't wait to go back! 

Anyway I'm not sure why I ended up with such a hankering to make leggings but what can I say the sewing heart wants what the sewing heart wants! 

I was tempted to try the pattern from the 2nd GBSB book but the idea of all that tracing put me off so instead I found a free pattern on the craftsy website. [Which I think is now known as bluprint!]

The pattern prints onto 16 or so sheets so its not too much of an issue printing costs wise. As usual I cursed my way through sellotaping it together. I have no idea why but My pattern taping always ends up wonky and not matching up its so irritating!!!

Size wise I cut a medium because I thought it would be better for them to be too big and take them in rather than too small. I'm pleased with the way they fit as they don't feel overly restrictive. 

The fabric is from the abakhans fill a bag sale. I picked it up with the intention of making more swimwear but its not quite swimwear material so i decided leggings would be better. 

Word of warning if you do attend a fill a bag sale you can end up just throwing things in your bag without really knowing what they are or what you'll use them for! But that's half the fun!!!! 

The fabric has these cool patterned stripes on it so I had to be a bit more careful with my cutting out. I'm really pleased with how they wrap around my legs at regular intervals!!!! And that I actually managed to get the stripes matching up!

I used elastic on the waistband. First I measured my waist and cut the elastic slightly smaller. Then I overlocked it to the top edge, then I flipped it over and top stitched it several times with a zig zag stitch. It makes for a really secure waistband. 

As proven by my awesome kick below......

Lets all hope I'm never in a fight eh? Because yes I did fall into the wall after pulling this rather fancy move and yes my mum did think it was HILARIOUS! 

Construction wise they are overlocked. I don't think I'd trust a regular sewing machine to make a stitch strong enough to withstand the huge amounts of physical activity these legging will be doing. 

Jokes.... The only way I'll be sweating in these is if I'm not sure I've got enough cash for the pizza delivery man.

All in all I actually really like them. I've seen a few mums rocking active wear on the school run and I might start if I can find some tops long enough to cover my bum. To be honest the only thing I'm not keen on is that they are so tight fitting. They make me feel a bit like a stuffed sausage!! And like my entire bum is on display. 

In other news! 

- My top is from a charity shop, its David Bowie and my mum got it for me. 

- I've got a lot of sewing plans in the works including 2 baby blankets!!!!! 

Much Love