Thursday, 2 October 2014

Indian Kimono Jacket

Warning : Awkward pictures!
I should start by saying that I love jackets! Jackets and cardigans, I get cold easily and always like to have an extra layer! And recently I have been obsessed with kimono jackets like this one from ASOS!
They just look so comfy and awesome! I've got something similar in wool and it gets worn constantly!
First I had a quick look on pinterest to see how easy it would be to replicate!
Hmmm seems simple enough, although apparently the blog it came from doesn't exist! But if anyone knows who own the image please let me know so I can give credit!
Next I need fabric, enter an Indian style sarong I was given for my 18th birthday!
Really pretty but sadly not used,
I folded it into quarters, grabbed my ruler and my rotary cutter (It's a gauzy fabric so the rotary cutter meant that the fabric didn't move whilst trying to be accurate!) I took out a massive rectangular wedge, pinned and sewed up the edges that needed to be sewn and Ta Da!
Bored model pose!
And here's the back, can you see my tiny little error?
Only one side has this extra row of pattern! darn it! Oh well you can hardly tell!
I love it and I'm so glad I've out my birthday sarong to good use!
Much Love


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